Constance Monteacute
Daughter of King Monteacute in the Third Kingdom, better known as Ranonia. My father is a good man, but he has made a few bad decisions in his life. I don't see that that makes him a bad person, just misguided. Maybe I can help him back into the light.

Constance sat on the cushioned seat of her vanity and applied the necessary makeup to conceal the mark from Richard’s fist earlier. He had punished her for her outburst today against her father, saying how insolent she had been and how he would beat that insolence out of her should she remark like that again. But despite his terrible threats her mind had not laid to rest the statement of the prisoner earlier today in the dungeon. Was it true that she contained magic of some sort? She had spoke about nightmares pertaining to the powers of a seer but did Constance believe her? It was a far fetched story to her and of course a frightening one at that. If she did contain magic, and should her father find out, she only feared the wrath that would ensue upon her.

Constance finished her makeup and picked up the burnt gold mask, tying the sash around her head and situating it on her face. She stood up from her chair and moved to the floor length mirror to take in the sight of her costumed form. She wanted to look good for Eoin tonight, to show him that she could look beautiful despite everything that had gone wrong these past few weeks. She felt the cold presence of Richard as he entered the room, clad in his dark black attire that made his features only that much more demonesque. “We must go, you are keeping every one waiting.” He replied harshly before heading out of the bedroom ahead of her. She turned, picking up her skirts and followed him down to the Great Hall, a small smile on her face as the doors open and she was greeted by numerous guests all beautifully clad in masks and gowns of many colors. She was escorted by Richard to the front and looked around, searching anxiously for her blacksmith. Once the King made his announcement wishing his daughter a happy birthday the banquet commenced, followed by glorious dancing. It was the start of a beautiful and memorable night.

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